So I Started a thing

So I Started a thing

This is a blog, a blogy type thing where I write things that pop into my head. I am doing this because the voices on the internet demand it, and the voices in MY hand have enough of an ego to think that people could give two Sh-ts on what I think about things. I am mainly doing this to promote myself as an Author, something that honestly scares me. Self-Promotion is not something that comes naturally to me, my least favorite part of any questionnaire is the "tell us a bit about yourself" section.

Usually I have to fight off every self deprecating instinct that believes I should just write "Does stuff, sometimes the stuff doesn't suck."

But, a bit about myself.

I am an Author, a title I have refused to use until I found an outside validation by way of a publisher. This validation came earlier this year in the form of City Owl Press, an impressive start-up style publisher that found some value in my first Novel Mad God Walking.

Mad God Walking is my strange sometimes funny, often melancholy Dark Fantasy/Urban Fantasy novel.

It comes out in October.

I hope you'll like it.






Guest Post by Em Shotwell  author of Blackbird Summer

Guest Post by Em Shotwell author of Blackbird Summer